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Why On Earth is MY Business listed here?

If you are wondering why your business or personal website is listed on this page then it is because it is listed on one of the search engines. The search engines use a method of trawling the Internet to search for new web sites. Your site was found because either there was a link to it from another site already indexed, or you or someone else submitted the site to specific search engine(s).

Actually, the larger the number of inbound links to your website the better for you. It means that more people have an opportunity of visiting your site. Perhaps more importantly, this linkage means that the search engines perceive your site as being more important than your competitors', specifically because other sites link to it. This can improve things like Google's PageRank, and can affect other search engines in how favourably they view your site.

However, if you wish links to your site to be deleted (bearing in mind the above paragraph, you should definitely not want links to your site to be deleted), then send an email stating your URL (the domain name of your website which is preceded by the "www"), and also the web site on which references to your site appear (or the main URL if there are too many pages to conveniently list), to (where "website" is the name of the web site where your link is listed) with "PLEASE REMOVE" in the subject line, and this will be actioned within 24 hours.

N.B. Please state clearly in your email the precise URL of the page where you wish your link removed. This will appear at the top of the screen in your browser location window, and will typically take the form "" where XXX will be any figure from 1 to 999.

Be advised that the search engines always keep a cached version of a website on their hard drives, so what you may be seeing at any given time may be several days out of date, until the search engine next "spiders" the new version of the site.