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Your Website is Not Being Found in the Search Engine Results; We Can Fix That


There is a specific problem for all business users who use a specific hosting company to host their websites, and that hosting company is 1and1 Internet.

The problem is that their websites are never seen in the search engine results pages. In fact, whenever anyone – any potential customer or client – types in their sector and their location, all they will find in the results are the websites of your competitors. Never your website.

For example, let's say you are an estate agent in Exeter. Someone who lives in Exeter who wants to find an estate agent will type into their search box something like:

Estate agent Exeter

They will not find your site if you host with 1and1 and you also have this specific problem. People will only see your competitors listed in the results, never your own site.

Now try it and see. Go to your search engine of choice and type in the nature of your business, followed by the location you are trading in. You should be on the first page of results. In very large cities or in very crowded sectors you might be on the second page.

But if you’re not on the first or second page then it means you will never be found at all.

This will happen with any search engine: Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo or any other search engine.

Do you recognize yourself now? Is this your website being described here? You may not be an estate agent. You may be a builder or a baker or a dentist, or any of 500 other perfectly useful services that people want to find in your area. But if you have this specific hosting problem with 1and1 then your website will never be found, as if you never had one in the first place, and your competitors will go on taking all your customers, clients or patients forever. Unless you’re actually happy with the trickle of people who come to you from Yell or some other directory where you're listed.

As hosting and website specialists, we recognised the problem with the 1and1 hosting system early on. We actually used to host with 1and1 ourselves, and they’re a perfectly good host, but they do this one strange thing which we’ve never understood, and if you walk into this then you will have the same problem: your website will never be seen on a generic search (which is how over 80% of websites are found, according to a study by Internet statistical company Moz.com).

If you leave things the way they are then people won’t know that you’re there at all.

But don't worry. We can fix this problem for you. We can get your website listed on the first page of Google or any of the major search engines, so that you can get the web visitors, hence the clients, that you deserve.

We’re not saying we can get you the number 1 spot on Google. Nobody can claim that, and, frankly, you should run away from anyone who makes such claims. They are bogus.

What we are saying – what we are promising – is that after we fix your hosting issue your website will be visible on the first or second pages of search results, in the place you would normally be if your website didn’t have this particular problem.

That means that your site will light up whenever people enter a relevant search query (it may be your sector and location, it may be your name and postcode, it may be one of dozens of combinations of search queries which you are not showing up for now, and which you should be showing for).

And when that flood of web visitors starts coming to you you’ll know the difference – you'll feel the difference. And your revenue will go up accordingly.

Now you’re worried about cost. Well, don’t be. Most SEO companies charge large fees because SEO is continuous and takes time. Most SEO is time-dependent. But this is one subtle fix taking place at one time. To put it right will cost you less than £200. You should get that back in one week from the increase in customers you’ll be getting from a website which is suddenly visible.

So if this is you being described here, and if it’s your website not being found in any searches, don’t just wait around doing nothing. Send off for our free report on how to fix this. Enter your name and best email address below and it will be with you in your inbox in a few seconds.

Then decide what you want to do.





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