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Software Sales Projection


Labrika SEO Audit Checks Websites against 200+ Known Google Ranking Factors

Use it on all sites and client sites:



Scrapebox Tutorials

Woodward - The Ultimate Guide To Scrapebox - The Only Scrapebox Tutorial You Need


Tut Loopline Tutorials


Build High Quality Links with Scrapebox


GSA Search Engine Ranker Tutorials  *** thorough


AMAZING EXPLAIN EVERYTHING IN DETAIL ... guidde ・ Magically create video documentation with A

Now search for a free alternative to Guidde


Udemy VBA Macros Tutorials


How to Put VBA Ciode into Excel



Turn Youtube Videos into Presentations


Ajelix No-Code Text to VBA Macro - 5 Free Macros a month

















Backlink Blacklist:

My Slack workspace:
URL to open Slack:
free copyscape at WriterAccess:



GoGo Control Panel

Latest using Appsumo and Dealify


All-In-One SEO Tool (25 websites, serp KW ran tracker, AI reports, etc.):

On-page SEO audit:


SEO Buddy Link Chest: and

SEO Checklist:



Book & Ebook Publishing (also Audiobook publishing):

Publish to 400 bookstores and literally thousands of librariesL

LOG IN to PublishDrive at:

FB Group at


AI Writing Content Creation -

  • Lifetime access to Pro Plan
  • Generate high-quality long-form content with AI
  • 1000 copy generation credits/month (Total of 50K words/month)
  • Copy generation credits renew each month
  • Unlimited topic research credits
  • Unlimited projects
  • Generate FAQs, blog ideas, article briefs
  • Generate full blog articles

AI Article Writer etc.: with 40K words/mo.

usual longer pwd


I also have Article Forge for $27 a month:



Podcast creation application login:

GetVoiceArtist Login:

Voicely (web access):

gordgoodfellow - 20 downloads/mo.

Textalky from DealFuel $37 lifetime 28 March 2022:

Ps : you received with TexTalky 1,000 000 Characters, after that you will receive 50 000 Characters monthly for life.

So between all the above I should be able to get a lot of usage every month sufficient for my needs.

The lowest apps are the most recent therefore the best???


Matthew Woodward URL Site Blacklist:

Find dead links in Wikipedia:


Email Lookup Resources - Free and Paid


Outscraper Bulk Email Scraper (bought 4 Feb 2022 $69 lifetime)


LeadScrape: Lead Finder and Info Scraper: (Bought 4 Feb 2022 $59 lifetime)


Shortcut on Desktop to LeadScrape

Reg code: U25AI-1TCZZ-PL9T6-WYH4K




(40 free searches/mo.)
(50 free)
(150 free)
(50 credits?/mo.)
(100 emails/mo.)
(90 free verified emails)
(50 credits/mo.)

Journalist Lookup:
(200 free - all time?)

Free email verifier:


Free Bulk DA Checkers:
(200 URLs)

(up to 5,000 URLs?)
(50 URLs)

(20 URLs)
(20 URLs)


Scripted Resources


How will My Title and description look in the Google SERPs?


Free Courses on Schema Markup

Free s chema markup generators:


Email List and Opt-in Management

Sendinblue for both Inteltab and Caliponics:

[email protected] | Mav3erick? for Inteltab


[email protected] | Calicali12 for Caliponics

( email inbox)


Cold Emailing Resources:

Black Bulk Mail coupon pro for $89 Lifetime: send huge amount daily (but not sure if full mail merge)

SalesHandy - cold email outreach platform for $108/pa.:

GMass - Mail merge and mass emails for Gmail & Outlook free up to 50 emails a day:


Dead Links Finders:

Dead Links Wiki and Similar Sites:

Also dead link checker create free account and login for multiple use:

Or even better use SEO PowerSuite Link-Assistant for dead links

and then find out ALL the sites linking to the removed URL by putting the dead URL into SEO SpyGlass






Remove Lines Containing Multipe Text Strings All In One Go!!! - this can be achieved by using my unique python app in the folder called 'Send' (shortcut on desktop & in several folders).

Directory Submission on SEOPanel

SEOPanel is at

The Directory Submitter is at

Type MySQL

Hostname: localhost

Database name: intel5_goody

username: intelt5_gord323 (or gord323)

pwd: mav3erick

Admin email: [email protected]

Some of the above may not work because the original installation failed and I eventually had to resort to the quick install version from Inmotionhosting with Softaculous.

But the access URL and username, email and pwd are correct.


White Label SEO Reseller: -

Writers Market Dashboard

ORDER a VIDEO (Jon Leger) **

support tickets: free animated video creation

Charlesngo recommended affiliate tools


Keyword Tools

For long tail Keywords from different sources - Amazon, Google, Fiverr, etc.:

ALSO Google Autocomplete =

Fiverr Autocomplete =

Youtube Autocomplete =

There are other site autocomplete tools in the home page at

Keyword Volume Checker Tool from SEOReviewTools

App Store KW Tool: ** and

Bulk Google Keyword Search Volume Tool at

AFFlift Paid Membership Affiliate Group (Luke - Peerfly's Director of Marketing & Lead AM)

BT Webmail

PR Web Account (gord [at]

Buzzfeed Start Posting


Bing Ads

Charles Ngo Affiliate Tools


Press Release Services

NEVER use Issuewire - no links at all, based in India

If you’re on a really tight budget, I’d check out eReleases or PRWeb.

MailerLite is my alternative to Aweber is my email reminder service


Similar Websites: (except their suign up process doesn not allo URLs which they nevertheless insist on entering!)

Test Different Mobile Devices and

Translations by native translators:


Affiliate Titan

Login URL

login username - my email address

pwd; wBnHxzMrN1y_a

King of the Zoo - Search JVZoo for affprogs


Learn with Jon all access by gordgoodfellow or my main email add;, mav3....k

Article Builder

The Best Spinner, on PC

Keyword Titan

Keyword Snatcher (as KW Researcher - got)

Instant Article Factory

Jiffy Articles

Instant Article Wizard, on PC

(licence key = gordgoodfellow:my_password)

Answer Analyst, on PC

(activation code as above) - small error message

Web Data Parser, on PC

(activation code as above) - small error message

Online ebook cover maker

login: lfj



Infographics maker online service (login as above)


Support tickets at


Cardsynergy feed here


Govt Gateway ID 820600979572

site testers

Image compressors


Image resizer:


Social Planning

Hootsuite - Manager all social and plan

Pin Button - Pintrest button on all images

Filament - Get more shares

Icon Maker


Clicksure Advertiser Account:


FREE TOOLS from Webmasterworld

Strip DIV Tags from HTML Code



Domain Name Reg.



1and1 Account Discounted




Software not to Forget


Link Alchemist - on d/top

Social Autobots (Prime Edition)

1-Click Instant Directory Submitter - 100% Automated Purchased 07/30/2014 12:48 PM







Article Video Robot

Black Hat Stacks Forum




Google Analytics





Image Sources


Google Pictures

Free Stock Photos



PPC Advertising

Social Titan










For Clients

You've got unlimited access to our free submission engine which you can you use to
submit all of your websites as often as you like.
Easily create over a hundred backlinks direct to your website from top stats sites
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User Name: member

Password: letmein

You have access to a wide range of tools that will help your online business succeed. Inside the members area you'll find traffic training videos, traffic articles and links to many supporting resources that have been specially selected to help your website grow.

If you're looking to push your website traffic to the next level you should checkout our 
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Use the premium members area to submit all of your websites to the services described 
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+ Website submission to 141 search engines
+ Bonus submission to 50 Social & Web 2.0 sites
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+ 101 Traffic Tips Report
+ Directory Submission Software
+ Blog Commenting Software
+ Unlimited Access to 77 SEO Tools

Special Valued Customer Price Only $9.95 (recurring per month - so cancel immediately)

(Yes, Less Than Ten Dollars). Take advantage of this exclusive offer by clicking on the link below this text.





















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