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AI Writing Content Creation

Finding long-tail non-competitive KWs:



Revenue from ChatGPT





$15 Monthly w/ several modules & templates


ZimmWriter (on my desktop)

ZW Help & Guides:

$9 a month



Writer & Rewriter + Images

unlimited words for only $15/mo. (1 person licence)


2,000 words/mo. free account


** Zain - The Ultimate 100 AI Tools **

Ultimate AI Sales Page

Software Download

Ultimate App - See Top Menu for Categories


Bulk content creation from CSV

As above but for single articles

which gives me 10 free rewerites a day. I can updrade to premium for $108/year (or $9/mo.) and get unlimited rewrites (but check how much can be rewritten for free first)

Lifetime Content Apps from Appsumo, Dealmirror etc.: -

  • Lifetime access to Pro Plan
  • Generate high-quality long-form content with AI
  • 1000 copy generation credits/month (Total of 50K words/month)
  • Copy generation credits renew each month
  • Unlimited topic research credits
  • Unlimited projects
  • Generate FAQs, blog ideas, article briefs
  • Generate full blog articles

AI Article Writer etc.: with 40K words/mo.

usual longer pwd



I Also Have Text-to-Speech/Text-to-Audio Apps

Voicely (a later product, therefore better quality perhaps?):

Between the two I should have plenty monthly credits to create and upload sufficient audio files for my needs for all my sites and client sites..

VidToon Team here. We just want to thank you for your order and ensure that you got access.
Below is help for Voicely:
You have successfully upgraded to "Voicely by VidToon".

Please keep this information safe as it contains your username and password.
Your Membership Info: Login URL:


AI Music tools:

Amper Music:
Amadeus Code:
OpenAI Jukebox:
Auphonic AI:
AI Music Composer:
Google's NSynth:

Supplied by ChatGPT therefore highly likely to be wrong.



Sites Accepting Pre-Written Content -------> (email sent 20/6/22 asking what are writers paid - no reply) *** SUBMIT AI DAILY








































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