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Proofreading For Marketers

How to Put Your Message Across as a True Professional


Proofreading For Marketers

Marketers are good at marketing, that's why they're marketers. But to successfully communicate with your market and also with potential customers or clients you must be able to use the English language effectively. There are many reasons why this is so. If your English is sloppy or if you made casual errors in spelling, puncyuation or grammar then people may not trust you: if you look or sound sloppy in your website content or sales letters or emails then your products or services might be equally sloppy. Even if your products or services are the best in the world, if you come across as lacking in good presentational verbal skills then you'll be selling yourself short, and people will likely click off your site and go elsewhere. That's why you need our proofreading for marketers service.

Worse still, there is an unerring equivalence in peoples' minds which equates poor levels of literacy with dishonesty. How many crooks on film or TV are semi-literate and portrayed as such? In your marketing efforts you are constantly having to project a good image across to your customers and your potential customers; so at all times you have to know how to put your message across as a true professional and not as some semi-literate person who doesn't care or who might even rip off their clients.

Our proofreading for marketers service (which also includes proofreading for Internet marketers) is for marketers who need to give their content a polished, professional look. You may already employ a professional copywriter who writes great advertising copy, but I've seen professional copywriting work which includes errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar (again, the copywriter is good at making a sales proposition, but there's still a skills gap to be filled).


Proofreading For Internet Marketers: Who Am I?

I will personally proofread the work myself and at no stage will the work be handed to a sub-contractor or in any way outsourced to another party. Naturally you'd like to know a bit about my ability and experience; after all, what gives me the right to blow my own trumpet like this? What is it that makes my content batter than other peoples' content?

I'll be brief. My name is Gordon Goodfellow and I've worked in the marketing business (in particular the Internet marketing business) for nearly twenty years. I've been an SEO for over 15 years and have built over 300 websites, the first of them in the last century. My background is market research having worked for such blue-chip companies as National Opinion Polls, MORI and Research International. I have a degree in English language and literature and a Master's degree in Modern Literature. I've written thousands of pages of content, both online and offline, and my articles have appeared in many prestigious publications including SitePro News, Education Marketing and Research.


The Proofreading For Marketers Process: What I Will Deliver

I offer a combined proofreading and copy-editing service, which means that I will return the completed edited document rather than re-deliver your original draft with a lot of proofreading symbols (which is the practice in offline publishing houses, for example). Research has shown that marketing clients prefer to have the edited and corrected copy delivered complete rather than having to do this themselves. I will work in any media which can be sent by email, but Word format is preferred (or HTML format for web pages which can be edited in any HTML editor such as Dreamweaver or Kompozer).

If you have a page of HTML (a webpage) or set up in a certain way then I will preserve the formatting of this and return the document with typeface, coloring, etc., all intact. If you have a webpage to proofread then I will add ALT tags to images, etc., where necessary, and if required.

Please specify if you wish to work in American English or UK English, where or if appropriate.


Time Turnover: How Long Will it Take?

Turnover is 48 hours or less, usually far sooner, for documents of 10,000 words or less. For documents longer than this then more time should be allowed for completion of the work. Please bear in mind that this is human-intensive, and that the work is all done by one person (me); be assured that no software is used at any stage, and that no work will be outsourced to a third party.


Cost of the Proofreading For Marketers Service

The quality of my service is very high, and this is quality that I guarantee. The cost of my service is surprisingly low for the standard that I offer. The cost of any proofreading work I do is just $0.0135 per word, or $13.50 per thousand words. In Sterling that is £0.009 per word, or £9.00 per thousand words. In Euros that is €0.016 per word, or €12.60 per thousand words. (Exchange rates will vary: rates shown are the prevailing rates at the time of writing.)

For clients in the European Union, VAT will be applied at the prevailing rate.

For more information on a specific project write to me at

You will not be disappointed.

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