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Emigrate to Australia with ease from here. This is the top website enabling people to apply for a visa or many of the other travel and work permits available, and to emigrate to Australia, including a one-stop-shop for your travel arrangements. You can readily apply for travel forms and work permits through this website.

We now have a qualified Immigration Advisor working directly with us, together with Australia's most advanced application preparation system. You can now save thousands of dollars in traditional legal fees and get exactly the same results. We can provide you with help and advice on the following :

  • Living and working in Australia.
  • Free on-line Australian visa assessments.
  • Your best options on how to emigrate to Australia.
  • On-line consultations with an Immigration Advisor.
  • Comprehensive advice, support and guidance.
  • Access to the fastest way to begin your application.

Whether it's for an extended period of work or if you just want to go for a working holiday (or just an extended holiday without the work) rather than emigrate to Australia, we can help with both holiday and working visas, in the long and the short term. We have a useful free assessment facility available online to help you get started on your way either to emigrate to Australia or go there temporarily.

Click here for Australian Visa advice and free assessment online.


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Emigrate to Australia - Family Connections?

Our research has shown that many people who wish to emigrate to Australia or just visit Australia in the long or short term do so because they have relatives there or there is some family connection. We had a suggestion from one client about a link on this website to a family history or genealogy resource, so that people who wanted to could trace their long lost relatives and even discover unknown family members. So we came up with the Australian Family History and Genealogy on the Internet, which is one of the many web based resources of the National Library of Australia. Click here for their website.
Other useful Internet based resources are also available from the website, including genealogy and related information. There is also a wide range of issues and matters which may be of interest to people who wish to emigrate to Australia.
In the meantime, click here for your Australian Visa advice and free assessment online. This will take you straight to the start of the process.

Student Visas: Study in Australia and become a permanent resident!

With a world-wide reputation as a first class education provider, over 170,000 students from all over the world flock to Australian shores every year to pursue internationally recognised courses of study in a progressive and culturally diverse learning environment.

Students who complete their course of study in Australia can now apply for Australian permanent residency under the Skilled Migration Program. Over 50 per cent of Skilled Migration Visas awarded in the year 2002-03 were granted to Graduate Students. Click here for further details.

The Retirement Visa Program - Online Visa Assessment

Imagine enjoying your retirement years in Australia! The Retirement Visa Program enables people who are over 55 years of age and who are able to support themselves financially to emigrate to Australia in order to spend some retirement years there. The Retirement visa gives you the opportunity to work part-time if you wish, and also to enjoy a relaxed and rewarding lifestyle in Australia. Click here for further details on retiring in Australia.

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